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Crystal Tones

8" Apophyllite, Palladium - Tall - B+10

Feel your feelings

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About Crystal Tones

Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are the most elegant, ethereal crystal singing bowls on the market. They are smaller and lighter than the more conventional frosted white crystal singing bowls with their 99.995% pure crystal structure infused with other precious gemstones, metals, and minerals. Their patented fusion technology allows them to meld these elements together which not only enhances the inherent energetic properties of the crystal singing bowls, but also adds an additional beauty and unique artistry that is like no other crystal singing bowls you can find elsewhere.

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Note: B+10

Chakra: Crown

We are pleased to offer this incredible crown chakra bowl in the key of B. 

Please Contact Us Prior to making your purchase so that we can discuss case options for your new bowl(s)

Alchemy: Apophyllite & Palladium

Apophyllite - Guided from triangular sacred geometric structure, Apophyllite vocal sound embraces you in frequencies of liquid light, providing you with a crystal clear quantum field

Apophyllite Properties - intuition, connection, astral travel, psychic abilities, meditation, clairvoyance, structure, organization, regulate body, memory, allergies, asthma, stress relief, anxiety, peace, love, conductor, materialism, self discovery, Reiki, relaxation, receptiveness, openness, lungs, allergies, regeneration, spiritual healing, mental clarity, focus, heart, concentration, optimism, recovery, energy, chronic fatigue, leukaemia, self healing, emotional release, anxiety, home, workplace, efficiency, future planning, success, career, grief, inner peace, emotional healing, acceptance, forgiveness, confidence, trust, hope, inner child

Palladium - Palladium was discovered in 1803, and was named after both the Roman Goddess - Pallas Athena and the newly discovered Pallas asteroid. Palladium is a light silvery white metal that holds the energy of guardianship on the highest frequency. Not a protector, not a teacher but a constant companion and friend. It empowers the inhabiting of higher consciousness while remaining in the fullness of grounding. Palladium is an excellent travel companion, supporting your consistent presence within your heightened consciousness. Palladium encourages the individual to include external activities into your field energy and take on new courageous actions.

Palladium Properties - companionship, support, well being, encouragement, friendship, travel, presence, higher consciousness, courage, motivation, empowerment

We beleive in the power of sound

Sound has the ability to change us at a cellular level. By using sound and vibration as a way to enhance your mediation practice you will find that your meditations will dive deeper faster than meditation in silence.